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about us

Welcome to Willow Ranch Restaurant

Fine Family Dining


For those coming off the trail hungry and hankering for some western fare, Willow Ranch Restaurant is a favorite destination. Whether you are coming from Bakersfield, Los Angeles or San Jose, just make sure you put us on your itinerary for a great meal. We are well known in these parts for servin' up lip smackin', face drippin' good food.

We start work here mighty early as hours of commitment and preparation go in to every bite. Our homemade soups, salads, desserts and side dishes are made fresh daily and always provide consistency and good taste. The whole family can be satisfied with offerings from home style meals to lite fare.

Barbeque Style

Folks who have had our barbeque make sure they come back even if it is to just pick up a new bottle of our famous barbeque sauce. All of our barbequed meats are slow cooked for hours on an outside smoker using almond, oak or mesquite wood. After hours of preparation, we would entrust nothing but our own special recipe barbeque sauce to top it all off. The sweet and smoky flavor of our barbeque sauce is the perfect compliment to any meat.