Your BBQ Catering Restaurant and Holiday Office Parties

The last holiday party you attended for work wasn’t anything memorable. In fact, it was rather boring and lackluster. It’s not that the food was bad, it was the fact the party had no theme and guests weren’t sure what to do.

Well, as it happens, you have been placed in charge of the next office party, and you want to make sure it is a huge success.

Corporate parties have a reputation of being a bit stale, but you know that there are ways you can inject some creativity into it. The office party is a great opportunity for fellow coworkers to mingle and discuss more than just the weather and work-related subjects. The company is sinking a lot of money into this party, you don’t want people disappointed.

Willow Ranch Restaurant, your BBQ catering restaurant in Buttonwillow, offers office party ideas that are sure to entertain and impress.

Holiday Movie Party

The holidays are rich with funny, serious and heartwarming films. Go ahead, you can probably name two or three dozen holiday films off the top of your head. And by the way, Die Hard is a holiday movie.

A great theme to your next office party is to choose a few of your favorite films and stage a screening. Create a mixed DVD of sorts with scenes from these movies for the guests to enjoy. Tell guests to dress up as their favorite holiday movie character and don’t forget to serve popcorn for the occasion.

Murder Mystery

At a murder mystery party, teams are given an identity at the start of the party. They are to play out their character through the night. There has been a murder and the guilty party is someone at the party, it is up to the teams to solve the mystery. It also helps to have guests dress up and bring props so everyone can get into character.

Holidays Around the World

Most countries and cultures around the world celebrate the holiday season. Some in very different ways. So a great idea would be to celebrate the different ways the holidays are celebrated.

This is an even better idea if you have a multicultural office. Encourage guests to dress in a traditional costume and to think about how other cultures and religions celebrate this time of year.

Winter Wonderland

There is just something magical about a white Christmas. Unfortunately, it is something you are probably not going to experience in California. So you need to create a winter wonderland for your office guests to enjoy.

You want to make it look like the entire world is covered in snow, so make sure you buy plenty of the fake stuff. It also helps if you have guests wear heavy coats, hats, scarves and mittens.

For drinks, you can serve warmed wine and icy vodka cocktails.

Masquerade Ball

If you work at an office where the dress code is super casual, make guests dress up for a masquerade ball.

For decor, think about harlequin patterns and theater masks, anything decadent actually. Set up a station where guests can decorate masks, you will need felt pens, string, feathers and glitter.

There will be dancing, so either hire a quirky band or come up with a list of great dance tunes to play.

Ugly Christmas Sweater

People love wearing the ugliest sweater they can find. We are talking about sweaters that would make your grandmother cry. Instruct all of the guests to wear an ugly sweater to the party and have everyone embrace the ugliness.

Nightmare Before Christmas

If you are familiar with Tim Burton and his movie A Nightmare Before Christmas, it has an entirely different look than traditional holiday movies. Channel your inner Tim Burton with this gothic holiday party theme.

Chocolate Factory

Why not incorporate some whimsical fantasies into your company’s holiday party. You can either do a Candyland themed party or a Chocolate Factory party. Either way, you will need plenty of goodies to serve the guests.

You can even play food-themed songs.

Karaoke Christmas

This is sure to get everybody moving around and having a great time. Rent a karaoke machine or two and have a competition. Here is the catch; you choose duets to sing and have guests draw to see who their partner is. It is a great way to bring people together who might not even know each other.

Of course, you will want to call Willow Ranch Restaurant to cater the affair. Give us a call today.