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The Health Benefits of BBQ Grilling

When you think of healthy foods, BBQ may not be the first to come to mind. Most of the time, you will think of salads, fruits, vegetables, and maybe even orange juice. However, there are important health benefits to eating BBQ.

Willow Ranch Restaurant in Buttonwillow specializes in all things BBQ, including mesquite BBQ that is made with our special BBQ sauce that is sold world-wide.



All food provides energy, but your body — in particular your muscles— needs protein. Protein is a macronutrient (carbohydrates and fat are the other two) that is necessary for your body to function. In fact, the word comes from the Greek word, proteos, meaning “primary,” or “first place.” Proteins do most of the work in the cells itself.

Protein helps your body grow and maintain tissues; it is essential for enzyme reactions, such as digestion, muscle contraction, energy production, and blood clotting, and protein helps to form antibodies to help you fight infection. And that’s just a start.

BBQ meats are packed full of protein, which your body needs in order to perform the above processes and more. Willow Ranch Restaurant in Buttonwillow offers a full range of menu items that will not only satisfy your palette, but will also satisfy your body’s protein needs. Choose from mesquite BBQ dinners to appetizers and more for the best BBQ selections.

Less Fat

When you grill your meats over a fire, you will end up with less fat in the meat. This is because grilling allows the fat to drip off the meat, and the intense heat causes the meat to release more of its fatty content, leaving the healthy meat behind.

Preserves More Nutrients

When you grill meat, you are preserving more of the vitamins and minerals in the meat. BBQ meat cooked on the grill will retain more riboflavin and thiamine. Thiamine and riboflavin are essential B vitamins that help your body process food into the fuel your body needs.

BBQ meats are full of other vitamins and minerals your body needs in order to function, including vitamin A, vitamin D, zinc, magnesium, and iron, which are essential for red blood cell production.

Leads to a Balanced Diet

Your body needs the right combination of foods with every meal in order to keep your insulin levels in check. When you eat too many carbohydrates, for example, your body will produce more insulin in order to digest the carbohydrates. This results in your feeling very tired afterwards due to the insulin spike. Eating balanced meals, including BBQ meats, will lead to you feeling more energetic and more like yourself.


By eating BBQ meals from Willow Ranch Restaurant in Buttonwillow, you will be helping your body operate efficiently. BBQ meats in particular offer so many health benefits that it’s almost mind-boggling: better skin, hair, and eyes, more brain power, better blood circulation, better digestion, improved muscle growth, and increased energy are just a few of the health benefits eating BBQ can do for you. At Willow Ranch Restaurant, we strive hard to create well-balanced healthy meals that taste good as well. From our BBQ Beef Ribs that are served with your choice of a carbohydrate, such as french fries, rice, or potatoes, to our Willow Cheeseburger that is grilled to perfection and served with a choice of fries, salad, and more, our BBQ menu is packed full of goodies that are sure to please everyone in your family.

We are open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and our BBQ grill is always ready to offer up nutritious fare for your health benefit. Visit us today!