Your Catering Restaurant in Buttonwillow and Saving Your Relationship

For some couples, the idea of being stuck together for a few weeks is almost like a dream come true. For others, the thought of being quarantined with your spouse is a nightmare. Of course, after a few days of being together all day long, many couples could be losing their collective minds.

We are all being told to practice social distancing. In some cases, we are told it is best not to even leave your home unless it is for necessities. If you are starting to feel a bit stressed out because of all the time you’re spending together, you are definitely not alone.

Within a matter of days, we went from everything being normal to near chaos. That alone would cause a lot of stress in a relationship. For some couples, they are at wit’s end and ready to scream. There are ways in which you can cope with being stuck with your significant other. Willow Ranch, your catering restaurant in Buttonwillow, offers ways your marriage can survive the quarantine.

Help Around the House

Chores are peeling up while you are bingeing on the latest Netflix craze. The chores don’t go away when you are stuck at home. And in many cases, because you are stuck at home, there are more things that need to be done.

Housework is often a source of bickering, so expect that to get worse when you are stuck at home. Don’t fuel the fire by ignoring your house duties. In fact, it would do both of you well to suck it up and get right on those chores.

It is important that you be proactive and get things done and not wait until a conflict arises. You can bet there will be an argument if you fail to do the dishes or clean up after yourself. Help improve your relationship and reduce stress by doing your share of housework plus some.

Foster a Positive Environment

Let’s not mince words here; the current situation we are in basically sucks. It is all too easy to get bogged down with uncertain and negative news. So it is very important that you keep things as positive as possible in your home.

Even if you don’t feel like it, greet your spouse with kind words and a smile. It might even turn their mood for the better. If you act happy, it will rub off on others.

Be Quiet

In addition to being respectful of others’ space, you need to also be respectful of your eardrums. It gets super frustrating when the spouse is making way too much unnecessary noise.

Whether you are blasting some 1980s music to drive boredom or typing way too loudly on your laptop, you could be really annoying your significant other.

Show some understanding by stopping what you are doing or at least go to a room where nobody can hear you.

Avoid Communication Pitfalls

An argument can easily come about due to boredom. What starts if as inevitable bickering after spending so much time together turns into a huge blowout.

When the bickering starts don’t fall into the communication pitfalls. That is, don’t raise your voice, don’t complain too much and never use sweeping generalizations. For example, never say, “ You always have to win the argument.”

Reach Out for Support

Call a good friend and get some support. Their words of encouragement can and will go a long way.

Take Breaks

It does not do any good when the couple is together 24/7. Take a break from each other for a couple of hours a day if and when necessary. You can do this by staying in separate rooms and doing your own thing for a little while.

Create a Schedule

It is very difficult to keep a schedule right now. Most of us rely on a schedule for a sense of stability. Sit down with your spouse and come up with a rough schedule so things will feel a little more normal around the house.

The schedule can have some ground rules for noises or interruption while working or doing other activities.

Get Some Fresh Air

Even though you might be ordered to stay at home, that doesn’t mean you can’t go outside and get some fresh air. Get outside and go for a walk or a bike ride, it will make you feel much better. It will also help you feel isolated and when you get back home, you will have a better perspective.

Practice Patience

Stress levels will be higher than usual in a situation such as this. So practicing patience is more important than ever. If you can sense an argument coming on, perhaps change the subject or take a deep breath and apologize, even though you feel like you have done nothing wrong.

Reward you and your spouse for getting through the day staying strong by ordering some BBQ from Willow Ranch.