Your Event Catering Restaurant and Outdoor Events

With summer just around the corner, people are already planning events to be hosted in the great outdoors. The outdoors can create unique opportunities for office events, birthday parties and sports events. That said, there are also several challenges in hosting outdoor events.

Hosting an outdoor event might seem like a scary proposition for any planner. There are just so many variables with an outdoor event. But most people will work through these variables because outdoor events are memorable and charming. But you have to make sure you are properly prepared.

Willow Ranch Restaurant, your event catering restaurant in Buttonwillow, offers tips to plan a successful outdoor event.

Plan For Rain

Regardless of what the weatherman might say, you need to plan for rain. You should just assume that it will rain on the day of your event so you need to have a backup plan.

If at all possible, have a tent set up and ready to go just in case. You should also have plans as to where the food goes should the rain start to fall.

Also, keep in mind that rain isn’t the only thing you should worry about. It could be a perfectly fine day until the winds kick up and wreak havoc. You should have a plan for whatever weather you might encounter.

Heath Precautions

Ideally, you will want a medical personal present if your event is being held in a remote location. But this isn’t always possible. At the very least, you should have a first aid kit handy. You should also have a list and map of the nearest hospital or other medical facilities.


An event that extends into the evening will require lighting. It is important that parking areas and walkways are lit up for safety and convenience. Even if you think the event will end before dark, plan on having emergency lighting just in case.

Pest Control

Even if you are holding the outdoor event in your backyard, you should have some sort of pest control. Nothing will bring guests down faster than a swarm of mosquitos in their faces.

In addition to tiki torches, there are several ways to keep insects at bay. For example, you can utilize bug zappers, repelling coils or smoke bombs. You can also contact your local pest control company for help.


You really don’t want to make any mistakes here. A lack of restroom facilities will ruin your event for sure.

Even if you are hosting the event in your backyard, the bathrooms in your house might not be sufficient. It makes sense to rent sanitation equipment so guests have easy access to the facilities. The last thing you want is to have a long line form in front of the bathroom.

Make Sure Guests are Comfortable

Even if the weather is perfect on the day of your event, conditions can still make guests uncomfortable. Make sure your event has plenty of shelter from the sun. Not everybody enjoys standing in the sun for extended periods of time.

Some people might get a little warm spending a lot of time outdoors, so you should consider having fans or other means of cooling people down. And it is important that you have plenty of water available. You want to ensure your guests are well-hydrated.

Natural Elements in the Decor

Outdoor events are the perfect opportunity to use LED lights in trees, fresh flowers and other natural elements. After all, you are outside enjoying what nature has to offer.

Use the internet to study outdoor event ideas, you are sure to be inspired.

Check Ordinances

It is important that you check with the city before hosting your event at a public place like a park. You never know what is allowed and what isn’t allowed. Even if you are hosting the event in your backyard, check ordinances concerning noise and gatherings.

You might also want to talk with your neighbors and let them know what is going on. A call to the police department for noise can ruin your event.


Since your event is outdoors, anybody could potentially crash the party. You might want to consider hiring security.

If you are planning an outdoor event, give Ranch Willow Restaurant a call to discuss your catering needs.