Wedding Catering and Cake Disasters

You have probably seen videos showcasing wedding cake disasters which are entertaining and hilarious. But that is because they are happening to somebody else. If it was your wedding, you would not think such disasters are funny at all. In fact, it could ruin your wedding.

A wedding cake disaster would rescue you to tears and create painful memories that you will never forget. And you can bet some fool at your wedding would post a video of the disaster on social media and make matters worse.

There are several factors that can cause a wedding cake disaster. The good news is that you can avoid them and avoid potential disaster. Willow Ranch, your wedding catering service in Buttonwillow, offers tips to avoid a wedding cake disaster.

Cluttered Design

There are some couples who add so many elements to their wedding cake that it winds up looking horrible. It turns out to be just a big embarrassment. The more design elements you incorporate, the greater the chance that something is going to go wrong.

For example, you want to add patterns from your dress to the cake and fondant pearls and a landmark that is special for the two of you. In the end, you wind up with a cake that is far too busy and nobody can figure out what it represents. Avoid such a disaster by keeping the design simple.

Bad Colors

When you choose the color scheme for your cake, keep in mind that some colors you need to avoid. There are some colors that will stain everything they come into contact with, including your fingers, face and teeth. The main culprits are bright colors like royal blue, purple, red and hot pink. You never did look good with blue teeth.

The Delivery

One extra expense you might want to avoid is for the cake delivery. After all, you have a brother or a friend with an SUV, they can deliver the cake.

Big mistake.

Having a friend or family member pick up and deliver the cake is just inviting trouble and a potential disaster. Don’t be a cheapskate, have people who know what they are doing deliver the cake.

Cake Falls

Every bride-to-be has at least one nightmare in which the wedding cake comes crashing down. There are any number of reasons why this might become a reality including weak structural supports, accidental bumps and flimsy tables.

You can avoid such a disaster by placing the cake on a sturdy table away from high-traffic areas. Also, make sure the cake isn’t placed near an exit, entrance or near the dance floor.

Uninvited Guests

And by uninvited guests, we mean insects. Cakes attract insects because they are decorated with flowers and they taste sweet. The best way to avoid a bug disaster is to keep the cake indoors, even if you have an outdoor reception.

Keep the cake in a cool and dry place until the cutting. If at all possible, keep it a box or have it covered until the cake is cut.

If you are planning your big day, give Willow Ranch a call and let’s talk catering.