Wedding Catering and Failing to Properly Plan

You happen to be at your favorite restaurant with your boyfriend. The evening has been fun except the boyfriend looks a little nervous. In fact, there is sweat dripping from his brow. You brush this off as quite normal as he did just down an order of hot wings.

But then he starts talking about emotions and relationships and now you know something is up. He looks you in the eyes and tells you how much you mean to him. He fumbles around in his coat pocket and produces a ring, holds it up and nervously asks you to marry him.

The tears come to your eyes, a smile comes over your face, you wrap him up in an embrace and scream, “Yes, it’s about time!”

And now you have to plan for a wedding.

Planning for a wedding is sort of like having a baby. Well, not really, let’s just say that there is a lot of effort that must be put into both if you want everything to turn out right.

You are now engaged. You won the guy and now you are on the fast track to a happily ever after. The hard part is over and nothing can mess that up. Or can it? If you don’t carefully plan your wedding, it could turn out to be a disaster. You could turn into a bridezilla. Willow Ranch, your wedding catering restaurant in Buttonwillow, offers wedding planning mistakes.

Stressing Over Stupid Stuff

Your wedding day will be simply amazing because you are marrying the love of your life in front of beloved family and friends. Plus, the catered meal will be excellent. That is all that really matters.

If you get all upset because the wrong car showed up or because the DJ messed up a song or two on the playlist, you are doing it wrong. Take a step back, look around and notice that nobody cares. Go out there, have fun and create happy memories of this wonderful occasion.

Ignoring the Rules

All venues and churches have rules. Did you know that you can’t take pictures inside some churches? Are you aware of your venue’s cancellation policy? Make sure you ask a lot of questions and follow the rules or you might wind up paying the price.

Not Hiring a Professional to Help

There are people who are really organized and really good at dealing with high-pressure situations. You are not that type of person. For that reason, you need to hire someone who can work under pressure and make quick decisions.

Your wedding should be a day filled with happiness and joy. It will not end very well if you get all stressed out because you put yourself in charge. If you want a calm and peaceful wedding day, hire a professional.

Avoid Last-Minute Beauty Treatments

We understand you want to look your best on your wedding day, but you don’t want to take any chances. Any beauty treatment you are thinking about needs to be done on a trial basis first.

We have seen disasters and they are not pretty. From the ill-planned fake tan that didn’t turn out as expected to the Botox treatment disaster, don’t take any chances by doing these on or the day before your wedding without a trial first.

If you are planning a wedding, make sure to give Willow Ranch a call.